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I wanted to reduce the numbers - I suppose - that’s why I made another blog.

I’m currently trying to follow the people that I’ve talked and the people who’s blogs I liked but since most of you changed your urls I don’t know who is who, so If you want my new blog tell me and I’ll give the url also follow back.

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They answered my question

So happy right now!!!!

Posted 2 years ago

MIB live stream - disappointment

Chose only questions about girls, come on I wanted to know about their music not what girls they like….

If they don’t ask my question I’ll cry

Posted 2 years ago

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Lately I’m really grossed by EXO fans

As I said in another post, I do understand that this maybe a once in a life time moment for English fans but this is getting ridiculous. It isn’t enough that you people chase them all day (since “heeyy they are celebrities and should get used with it”, or “they like it as well to be chased” - it wasn’t how I saw it from most of those fan cams, thb) now you write about Chanyeol farting….seriously? Ok he farted now let’s tell the whole world (tumblr) this way I’ll be famous for being the girl that Chanyeol released his fart on. This is getting stupid!

Maybe I’m too serious (or getting old and not understand those new kpop jokes) but this is …stupid.

I’m starting to think those fans chasing after them (‘to show their love’) are filming and taking pictures not as memories but more like ‘OMG if I put this on tumblr I’ll get super famous’.

I’m sorry if I was rude with this post towards other English fans who just silently took some pictures and didn’t disturbed them.